I am a gem lover with a high sense of fashion.

With those two attributions I co-founded a jewelry business named C´Santos Joyeria in Guatemala back in 2010.  I run the creative part of the business with very high standards, some craziness and sometimes a sense of humor.

I have been in the jewelry industry for years and some of my past experience includes the operations and customer service side of the biz at Tiffany & Co.  Working one on one with diamonds: grading, assorting and filling in orders kinda thing at the jewelers exchange in Downtown San Diego.  Teaching cad-cam (computer aided design – computer aided manufacturing) software.  Working in the fine jewelry sales floor at the best customer service oriented department store, can you guess which one?

Aside from my professional life I have a personal life, which you will get to see a lot more of here on the blog.

My intention on writing (amateur of course) is to be closer to you, my friends, my clients, my fans and followers.  To share the blessings and the chaos, the fun and the not so fun, the sunny days and the grey ones, my fashionista moments and my mom days.

I hope you enjoy!